When The Rule Of Law No Longer Matters

When is that you ask?  Pretty much ANY TIME that our supreme emperor wants to violate a law.  Barack Obama has rescinded on every promise he ever made during his campaign and all of his base principles he got voted into office on.  Hope and Change has turned into George W Bush, on steroids.  I was not a 2nd term fan of G.W., however, his credibility was exponentially greater than the current administration. Our current President, or should I say, imperial leader, violates law at near every turn, uses corrupt tactics to manipulate the law via his “pen & phone” methodology, all in the name of Progress.  It is regress, in every way, and doing exactly what the prior idiot did in this office, only on a scale never seen in the history of the United States presidency. I am not even sure which of the latest travesties warrant the biggest legal violation, yet, I can say for sure that the 5:1 trade, 5 senior Taliban operatives for 1 soldier, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this administration will do as it pleases, with literal impunity, and without consent nor notification of congress (30 day congressional notification of detainee release from Guantanamo Bay is required by law).  This will come back to bite the United States, in spades, without any question. The choking off of credit to gun businesses, changing the affable “Affordable” Care Act at will, direct animosity towards Christians, an almost obsessive pursuit of Islamic preference, and the constant lies, deceit and deflection on any topic that is brought up in criticism of this corrupt government we have allowed to grow, unfettered. The mainstream media just plays the same tape over and over, on both sides.  No moderate views on anything, only extremism, which is at the core of the problems in this nation. Now, the anti-gunners are mounting their latest assault, using invalid statistics, ignoring FBI data on gun crime reduction over the last decade, all in the name of their insatiable need for totalitarian government control.  It is only a matter of time, considering the Obama administration has no chance of a Democrat majority in both houses, that he will attempt truly dictatorial implementation of gun control via either an executive order or simply via the even more contemptuous Department of Justice (almost an oxymoron in current times). The worst part of all of this is that there is no end in sight.  The GOP has no viable contender for the 2016 presidential election and the Democrats potentially have Hillary (who will likely win unless the GOP gets off their traditional outdated stance on almost every topic they opine over).  I am not confident in any way that there is an end in sight, especially considering the younger generation is being indoctrinated into a lawless government rule and progressive ideology.  It could be a generation until we see the GOP back in the White House, unless they get their collective head out of their assess and enter the 21st century.  The challenge here is not about the majority of this country by acreage, it is about the majority of this nation living in big cities where they are wholly dependent on local/federal services for daily existence. The rule of law is essentially gone at the federal level and has been for a very long time, well in advance of this progressive administration.  But then again, I must be nothing more than a toothless, redneck, bible thumping racist, since I see nothing but incompetence at the federal level.  Nothing could be farther from the truth (except maybe the redneck part, but being a redneck does not equate to hate nor intolerance). I am intending to get active here again, after a long absence.  Headed to the range in the morning, and out back right now to shoot the bows.  After all, hunting season for the glorious Whitetail Deer is only 3 months away.