Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Recommendation – Typical Garbage

Well, here we are again, with the super liberal Sandy Hook Advisory Commission suggesting a batch of redundant recommendations to the biggest gubernatorial failure in the nations history, combined with a number of severe rights infringements against the law abiding gun owners of Connecticut.

Now, before I get started on this, let me just say, yes, I get it, I could leave this Socialist state and escape this idiocy. This is true.  I, however, have a life long career in this state, which needs to last a few more years, where I am at, so deal with this garbage I must, for now.  Even there, with the progressive and liberal tides that seem to have taken a strong foothold in this nation, I do fear that we have a long, generational scale battle within this nation.

Here is the entire “final draft” of the document, for those who wish to peruse it.  Granted, there are a myriad of reasonable suggestions and recommendations within the report, as they relate to School Safety and Mental Health management, however, as is always the case, they are all unfunded, and if put into law by the corrupt and complicit CT legislature, it will simply drive CT into a further state of fiscal crisis, but that is no matter to the pandering politicians.  It’s a 256 page mind numbing doozy that took 2 years to create, and is full of more social welfare plans and other ideas that the state of CT has no jurisdiction over in varying medical & insurance industries.

Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Final Report 02-13-2015

The real abhorration of this supposed commission is that in the hundreds of persons consulted, on every topic, they limited their subject matter experts to like minded and intended persons.  There were zero consultations with any experts from the firearms industry, shooting industry, or anyone even remotely in a pro-gun rights position.  In other words, the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission was just another episode of standing on the graves of those who fell during that atrocity and a direct pandering to the inept Dannel Malloy and his ilk.

Dannel Malloy Gun Control

The recommendations as they relate to further infringing on the right of legal Connecticut gun owners are vast and grossly disturbing.  Most are regurgitation of the idiocy put forth by the Bloomberg funded gun control groups, but even there, CT is trying to go farther.  The worst part about all of this is that the progressive liberals have a super majority in the legislature here, and the potential of some of these actually becoming law is a stark reality.

For example, here are a few of the more egregious brain child ideas (my comments are below each item):

  1. Require registration, including a certificate of registration, for every firearm. This certificate of registration should be issued subsequent to the completion of a background check and is separate and distinct from a permit to carry.
    • Here we go again, the registration angle that will magically stop violent crime and gun theft.  This is a truly beaten horse, yet, this commission flogs it like some who chewed gum in Singapore.  This is not realistic, nor remotely enforceable, as was proven by the “Assault Weapon” registration in the state.  Most people did not register, period, and the CSP can and did nothing about it.  Illegally held firearms will still not be registered, which likely number in the 10′ of thousands, if not much more.  This does nothing other than impose an undue burden on lawful gun owners as only they, and a small portion at that, will submit to registration.   I won’t even go into the diatribe about registration leading to confiscation, but, this is all about incremental infringement, in order to eventually achieve the end goal of confiscation and all out bans.
  2. Require firearms permits to be renewed on a regular basis. This renewal process should include a test of firearms handling capacity as well as an understanding of applicable laws and regulations.
    • While not wholly unreasonable on the face it, it is another incremental methodology to introduce further subjectivity into an already overly cumbersome and costly process in CT.  Proper handling?  Fine, not a concern for most law abiding permittees.  Understanding of the laws and regulations?  Really?  CT has some of the most strict and complex laws in the nation for gun ownership and carry permitting.  The CSP and many lawyers still don’t fully understand all of the laws, so how is a mere citizen to be “tested” on this aspect.  Utter garbage and a ploy to reduce the number of permit holders. 
  3. Allow ammunition purchases only for registered firearms.
    • Complete statist limitation approach, nothing more.  See item #1.  The state has already put into a law a process that requires one to be permitted in order to purchase ammunition.  This is all based on the “straw purchase” mindset.  These people truly believe that there is this mass of people buying ammunition for others whom are ineligible to be permitted.  Now, to be fair, it likely does occur, but very rarely and I would bet that it is primarily for hunting purposes, not those looking to inflict harm on other persons.  We should not have to register any firearms, period, much less have to present a registration certificate in order to purchase specific calibers.
  4. Limit the amount of ammunition that can be purchased at any given time.
    • This is pure paranoia.  It is based on their skewed thought that only someone who has ill intention is going to purchase a quantity of ammunition.  This goes back to the fact that they engaged not one person from the firearms or shooting industry in their processes.  Those of us who do practice at the range know all too well that a few trips to the range in a month can exhaust thousands of rounds of ammunition.  Anytime I see the term “limit” combined with gun control, I cringe, as they think anything more than 10 rounds is useless (and many think there should only be single shot firearms). 
  5. Prohibit the possession, sale or transfer of any firearm capable of firing more than 10 rounds without reloading. This prohibition would extend to military-style firearms as well as handguns. Law enforcement and military would be exempt from this ban.
    • Prohibit the possession, this is the key and critical phrase here.  This means no licensing, no registration, it means turn it in, confiscate, abdicate, else become a felon.  Unacceptable, unconstitutional and criminal on behalf of the state.  Capable of firing more than 10 rounds?  Another case where the complete lack of opposing viewpoints to the farce of a commission is blaringly obvious.   As always, law enforcement and military are exempt, because they are soo much more trusted than a mere citizen (remember folks, they are just like you or I, and based on the constant news accounts, seem just a subject to ill behavior and violence as anyone else)
  6. Require that any shell casing for ammunition sold or possessed in Connecticut have a serial number laser etched on it for tracing purposes.
    • Now this is pure fantasy.  This is another tactic to limit our rights under the Second Amendment in combination with the statist view that everything must be regulated and traceable.  This alone would make a $0.50 round of ammunition cost $5.00, due to manufacturing challenges and associated costs, not to mention the additional costs to actually track this from a state level (in a state that is soo far in debt that is nearing a bankrupt condition).  Again, this does nothing to prevent crime.  It would put a whole new level of diligence on all law abiding gun owners relative to their ammunition.  Notice it states “sold or possessed”.  In other words, if this were to become law, any ammunition a person has today would be illegal, and no doubt a Class D Felony minimum.  This is the alternative approach to having the firing pin micro stamp the casing upon firing.  It is just as ludicrous though.  In the report, they attempt to make it look like an employment opportunity for the state, not to mention tout that our rich legacy of manufacturing in the gun industry should facilitate innovations to make this a reality.  Yah, I am sure Colt, Remington and others will jump right on this.  Oh yeah, no they won’t, they will actually leave the state this time, and take their jobs away (as all business will eventually be forced to do if they want to grow and remain profitable).

In the end, I truly fear that some of these, or possibly even watered down ones of the more infringing ones will make their way into law within CT.  It may be the impetus I need to actually make a move, sacrificing a lot, financially.  This whole Sandy Hook Advisory Commission was nothing but a progressive partisan farce from the start, and now that the sheep of CT have voted Malloy and many other progressive liberals back into office for another 4 years, this will not bode well for CT gun owners and sportsmen.

At this point, it is wait and see what gets proposed and put to committee.  I write letters regularly, at the state and federal levels, yet, they fall on deaf ears, as the nutjobs we have representing us in the state sincerely do not represent anything other than the large population centers (cities) and their now growing populations in what were rural areas, due to low income housing projects and like programs.


The state of CT does not realize that we have real issues to address, but rather, use this topic, repeatedly to divert the attention of the sheep so that they pay zero attention to the fiscal and leadership issues that are paramount to the state.  Instead, they focus on gun control, making booze cheaper and making sure it is law that a dog cannot ride on its’ owner’s lap (seriously, this is a bill).

On a closing note, I mention above about making booze cheaper, which Malloy is pushing along with extending package store hours.  Read the commission’s report, there are a myriad of references to the fact that alcohol contributes significantly to violent crime and abuse, yet here is the same governor supporting making booze more “affordable” to the masses and ensuring they have more hours to get what they need to get drunk.  Incompetency and ineptitude at its’ pinnacle.