Picked Up A Savage 220 (Camo) Slug Gun

I finally broke down and bought the Savage 220 (Camo) Slug Gun.  I have been wanting a dedicated bolt action slug gun for a long time now, and with the gift funds I received this past Christmas, I figured why not now.  So, off to Buds Gun Shop I went and the purchase has been made.  It should be at the gun shop I had it shipped to within a couple of weeks, or less.

Savage 220 Slug Gun - Camo

Now to determine what scope I want to put on it.  I am leaning towards a Nikon or Leupold, and want to stay around $250 (max), as considering the shot opportunities in the forests, about 150 yards is the max one will typically ever attempt in CT state forests.

The gun is fairly picky with ammunition, so I will be shooting the Remington Premier AccuTips, 260 grain.  From everything I have read, this is a real tack driver with that load, and perfect for slug hunting for deer.

More to come once I take receipt of the firearm and get it to the range.  Will be doing a review with video on this one.