Partisan Polarization; The Method Of Societal Division

Political_PolarizationAs I continue, day in, day out, to follow the political ramblings and idiocy that are our local and federal legislatures, not to mention the obsessively progressive drive of utterly contemptuous executive branch, I am left wondering when (or if) this nation will ever regain its’ footing as a true Constitutional Republic.  To be balanced, I am a firm believer the Republicans are just a complicit as the Democrats in this, as neither side does anything to stop the downward spiral into relative Socialism.  Don’t fool yourself, we are already there, based on the shear number whom are wholly life dependent on government assistance programs, the transformational shift in our supposed education system to a leftist agenda (was started by G.W. Bush with “No Child Left Behind”, so remember that), and the rapidly growing numbers of those who have been breast fed on political correctness and supposed tolerance (of course, as long as it serves the progressive agenda).

I have been a avid follower of the political circles since the days of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter (ugh). The first time I voted in a presidential election was for Ronald Reagan’s second term.  In hindsight, the beginning of all of this polar division tactic began during the 2nd term of President Reagan, and he advocated for this, the repeal of the Fairness Doctrine (also referred to by some as the Fair Reporting Act) in 1987.  To digress for a moment, here are the 2 basic components of  this FCC Rule, from 1949:

  1. Broadcasters were required to allocate a portion of their airtime to presenting and debating controversial matters of interest to the general viewing public.
  2. As part of the above, the doctrine also required that the same broadcaster air contrary views on the same matters.

The stations had a wide span of control as to how they provided the contrarian viewpoints.  These could be presented via the actual news reporting acts, some form of public affairs broadcast or traditional editorial approaches.

The repeal in 1987 of the Fairness Doctrine gave way to CNN and, subsequently, an onslaught of “news” outlets that no longer had to present the news, but rather were in place for profit and ratings.  Basically, the news was turned into entertainment, and as such, the target audience of each supposed news station, be it network or the dedicated venues, was to be catered to.  Now, we are at the point that true “news” is rarely reported without it being spun in either a liberal or conservative view point.

I bring the aforementioned up as it also was a driver of the societal division that we are now living with today. It still is the biggest primary driver today, the mainstream media outlets.

I often pause in recent years, trying to grasp why we are growing farther and further apart as a nation, red versus blue, conservative versus liberal, rights versus socialistic dependency.  In reality, while this has been burning and building for over 30 years, it is only in the past 5 years where it has hit a fever pitch.  I know (not believe, I know) this is a direct result of the complete failure that this nation has voted in as the President Of The United States, Barack Obama (Dear Leader, as I like to refer to his excellency).  He has a legion of sheep spouting his unrealistic (and logically insane) agenda, he and his cabinet play the race baiting game over and over, the entire Executive Branch denigrates anyone and everyone that does not embrace his Marxist belief structure, and he is the least accountable president in the history of this great nation.

Both_Parties_One_And_The_SameMe, I could care less what race or color our president is.  I have no concern on whether the POTUS is male or female.  All I want is a competent leader, who drives this country forward, demonstrates the historic strength of our nation (and the U.S. Dollar, being the World Currency), and one who works to improve the lives of Americans, by facilitating job creation and stopping the onslaught of outsourcing.  Major divisor here, as competence and leadership broaches the proverbial Congressional “aisles”.  This whole fallacy of calling anyone who disagrees with Dear Leader a racist is simply further leverage in order to divide the populous.  What about Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton?  These 2 are the biggest racists of all time, yet, because they are “African American” it is OK, and white people should be shamed (even you Democrats are included there folks, not just the Republican and Libertarian believers).  Racial division, pure and simple.

The minimum wage job was never meant to be a way to support a family, that is simple fact.  It was an entry level job, with little responsibility.  It still is.  The problem is that the only jobs we are creating in this country are entry level jobs in retail and food worker industries.  No manufacturing, no tradesman, no skilled labor, no technical futures.  All of these are being outsourced with more folks being laid off daily (only quietly now) in order to show growth in the only way feasible today, bottom line or margins.  The housing market boom (as false as it was) propped up the true middle class for a couple of decades.  That is now gone, as are the jobs that used to be there to support it.  All of this leads to anger, frustration and despondency.  Some (alot) eventually end up on government assistance, others work 2-3 jobs to try and make ends meet, all while we continually hear the false message that things are getting better.  More division (sourced to lies and a corrupt modern day foundation, bedded in Wall Street and the banking industry).  This hammers down the work force and induces further ideological separation.  The proud, typically “older” (40+) hard workers continue to look for work and do what is needed, while many (whom were initially maybe just as proud and hard working) eventually give and succumb to the government dole (out of necessity for the most part), but this then drives 2 camps of thought.  The “we need more real jobs so we can earn our living” and the “don’t reduce social welfare” camps.  The challenge here is that the more we pay for social welfare, the less money that could possibly be focused on doing things we need to do in order to generate well paying jobs and sustain/rebuild the middle class.

The fever pitch of the ever accelerating societal division is truly frightening to me.  The farther we are thrust apart due to this political game, that were all players in (more like being played), the more damage we do to our nation, both domestically and internationally.  The time must come, soon, to determine how we can reverse this trend, else, the end state of this will not be the rainbows, unicorns, puffy clouds and group hugs soo many seem to think a socialistic state will be.  It will be abject poverty for the the vast majority.  We would look back on the near 50 million people on Food Stamps in 2013 and think that was good (1/6 of the U.S. Population).  I am not opposed to the program (SNAP), but this level of needed assistance is staggering for the supposed “world leader” nation.  Leader in what?, I have to ask. The ratio of employment to population has been stuck in the 58% to 59% range ever since 2009, and is showing only signs of further degradation.  This adds up to more people needing assistance, and by nature, the government gaining more control over everyone, inherently now propagating dependence rather than productivity.  Further division results by nature.

We_Are_AmericaIn the end, I am just as guilty of being entrenched in the divide.  I believe in Freedom, the ability to prosper, the ability to support my family, the government staying out of my life.  I am an advocate for people to do as they choose (within the law), whether that is living off the grid, having whatever sexual orientation the have, taking care of our country first, and leaving the initiating of wars to other nations.  I don’t see our nation ever being what it once was, ever again (it is possible, yet unlikely), nor do I see the partisan polarization slowing any time soon.  It needs to stop, but momentum is on the side of further downward direction.  We need to come back to a point where our political and socials differences do not drive us apart, but rather, provide the foundation to get back to basics, embrace our differences (freedom), and move this nation back to a sustainable level of prosperity, for the majority.  That is by jobs, hard work, and the abandonment of the idiocy that has become the Liberal versus Conservative verbal civil war.