King Obama Declares Supreme Leadership – Published in Newsweek



Dear Leader - Emperor Obama

Newsweek magazine reports that Obama is the Anti Christ and has declared himself as the supreme leader of the New World Order.

<satire> Well, it is official, the Dear Leader of the former U.S.A. has declared himself supreme leader, disbanded congress, and plunged the nation into a complete dependency scenario.  So much for wealth redistribution, unless it was intended to redistribute only to the elite.  It turns out that the fears of the so called Tea Party and Constitutionalist Libertarians were indeed on target, and the New World Order leadership is getting a good chuckle out of that.   Conversely, the Democrats of the former nation are aghast and do not understand why they are also being relocated to the FEMA internment camps. </satire>

OK, yeah, extreme for sure.  Offensive to many, no doubt.  Considering the fact that this man has done nothing for this nation in 5 years, other than deflect criticism, opine endlessly about “his” vision, and blame everyone but his own administration for every failure, I am simply shocked that more folks don’t actually use their “common sense” and realize this man is the worst president in the history of this great nation.

** I will get back to the outdoors when the temperature outside is warm enough to survive in.  This morning was -4 degrees at my house.  Too damn cold for anything outside, in my view anyway.