Hey, GOP, it’s 2016, not 1956. Conservatives must evolve!


As I watch the current train wreck that is the 2016 Presidential election cycle, I can’t help but notice that the GOP has learned nothing from the last 2 election cycles, nor from the lambasting their establishment candidates incurred during the Primary season.  This is in stark contrast to the well oiled machine on the DNC side.  This is most obvious in how each campaign is handling themselves.

The Hillary Clinton campaign simply down plays and deflects every allegation or revelation that comes to light, with seemingly little effort.  <Bias alert> This should come as no surprise to anyone, considering that Hillary has led an entire career plagued with major controversy and criminal accusations, yet, here she is, garnering support from the population centers like she is an honest politician with the public welfare at the core of her concerns and goals.  It’s utterly amazing to watch how she and her support teams gracefully play their hand without any hesitation or concern, even though that same hand would make any other person fold.

The continued infighting within the GOP establishment and the mass condemnation by the GOP leadership of their nominee is truly laughable.  Now many key leaders are pulling support from Trump, refusing to campaign for him and the GOP marketing machine has ground to a halt, stopping all mailings and outreach.   It’s as if the GOP is already conceding to a 2016 loss (which is highly probable), as they distance themselves from Trump.

OK, so Trump is a jerk, that’s not news. Hillary on the other hand has been engaged as a habitual criminal and lying sack of excrement for her entire career.  She got a child molester off for crimes against a little girl, but that’s OK somehow.  Her husband is a serial cheater, yet she maligns the women he cheated on her with.  This country has their collective head up their ass. Left leaning supporters present Hillary as some kind of super star when she is nothing but a filthy rich manipulator and pathological liar, yet, people believe it.

The #NoTrump crowd are nothing but a bunch of self indignant martyrs who believe the GOP needs to stay rooted in the 1950’s. Get over it.

Here we go.  What has killed the GOP isn’t Trump, it’s the conservatives who won’t evolve (yes, evolution is real and the world is round). After this loss in 2016 (and it will be a loss to my dismay) the sad thing is that the GOP will still do nothing to change, they are incapable. One can maintain core conservative political values yet choose to live in a modern era, adapting to new social norms. You don’t have to like it, but it isn’t going to change. Evolve or be relegated to irrelevance, that is the charge for the GOP.

One would think that after being lashed in the last 2 Presidential elections, the GOP would have determined how to change their approaches, move away from the abacus and embrace the modern computer.  Yet, it hasn’t happened.  The GOP sits on their little island, not realizing that the demographics of our great nation have changed drastically.  The majority of voters are not Traditionalists or Baby Boomers any more. Hell, even Generation X is marginalized.  Social issues are what is killing the GOP, as the creationist views damning evolution are held by fewer people now than ever in our country’s history.  The business of our elected officials should revolve around running our country, protecting our citizenry, and improving our quality of life.  The GOP sits on their high horse, trumpeting Pro-Life, Anti-LGBT, Fear Mongering and anti-immigration sentiments.  These approaches only further alienate the GOP from the average person.

Sure, there are many conservatives still out there, but more and more lean towards Libertarianism rather than true Conservatism.  The country’s elections will now and forever be solely controlled by population centers on the east and west coasts.  It’s a numbers game, plain and simple.  It’s a demographic game, plain and simple.  Unless the GOP decides to evolve and join the 21st century, it is unlikely, if not impossible, that they will ever hold the White House again.  This will be further manifested in the Legislative branches, as the GOP majority will reduce in the coming election, if not be lost in the Senate.

It’s time to evolve for the GOP.  By evolve, I actually mean to devolve in all reality.  Back in the 70’s, 80’s and even into the 90’s, there were Moderate and Liberal Republicans.  This gave balance to the hard line conservatism that was, even then, wilting on the vine due to the then shifting demographics.  We have no balance any more.  The GOP members are either hard line conservative or they are traitors to the GOP establishment. This is exactly where the GOP is killing itself, and it gets worse every year.  The GOP has reached the point of INSANITY (doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results, e.g. repealing ACA how many times?).   It’s long past time for therapy and tough love here, so to put it bluntly, GOP, PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR COLLECTIVE ASSES and join the modern era!

Now, to be fair, the Democrats need to do the same for our country to be healed and improved, as they now suffer from progressivitis.  You either have to be a borderline Socialist/Communist, or your ostracized by the balance of the party as well.  Challenge here is that, demographically, progressivism has more voice, mass support in population centers, and a near monopoly in the news media.  With the latter being the case, the Democrats can propel their beliefs forward