France Should Deal With The Mess THEY MADE!

The barbaric actions that killed and injured so many in France are horrific by any scale.  However, France has been anti-American for decades, they called us on the carpet for our actions and maligned us for our views.

During all of this, they allowed the native French people be marginalized by a non-indigenous population of Muslim immigrants (~8% or ~5 million), of which ~2 million are French citizens, giving them housing, food and money, just for living in that cesspool of American hate.  Regionally, the numbers flex, with Paris having upwards of a 15% Muslim population.

Yes, I feel for the people who were unjustly murdered by the ISIS scumbags, however, I’ll just say it, they brought it upon themselves with their own actions.  The problems in France, Germany & Sweden were already off the charts before this happened, with neighborhoods practicing Sharia law, committing regular acts of violence against non-Muslims, and the governments ignoring it, out of “respect” for their beliefs.

Well, I say, screw that, what about our beliefs?  What about our right to life?  What about our culture and history?  What about the future of our nation?

France has always wanted the USA out of their business, I say let them rot in the extremist hornet’s nest that have allowed to be built.  Muslims are not inherently bad nor evil, that is just stupid to think, truly.  The issue is that by their religion and directives within the Koran, it is justified to spread the religion by all means, taking over populations by attrition and intermarrying, not to mention the militant interpretations of killing all non-believers.  These are directives, and one does not need be an “extremist” Muslim to further the goals of Islam, which is one Caliphate, across the globe.

Soo sick of this crap and people sticking their head in the sand.  This is not a humanitarian issue, it is a base ideology issue, and we have become soo politically correct and pacified by this mind control drivel, that the masses seem to now believe that if we just hug it out, all will be a Utopian existence. Human nature and opposing ideologies negate that from ever manifesting.