Damn; Post Hunting Season Let Down Sucks

It’s been a whole 2 weeks since my last day of hunting, Muzzle Loader season, here in CT, and I am already going damn near out of my mind.  After hunting every weekend since September 16, for 3+ months, I feel somewhat lost and searching for something to do.  Boredom is easy to come by during this time and I find myself wandering about the house aimlessly.

Now, I could start working on household projects, which would be the responsible thing to do, but, that is hardly enjoyable.  Granted, things need to get done, and I will get rolling on them in the next 2 weeks, yet, it is not something I can say I am looking forward to.

Between getting the boat ready, starting in late March, breaking out the archery targets for months of practice, hitting the shooting range, opening the seasonal camper on the first of May, and then fishing, boating and beaching every weekend and scouting until mid September, which then starts the hunting season, I get a good 9 month run of all things outdoors.  It is those pesky 3 months at the beginning the year that make me stir crazy.

I do have many things to catch up on during this time, maintaining a number of websites I host and webmaster for others, not to mention keeping up on the 2 forum communities I own and/or admin (NBSSportfishing.com & CTHuntingNShooting.com).  I tend to slack off this level of “geek” work during the fishing & hunting seasons, so it does need to get done, and it will.  I have found that the older I get, the less time I really want to spend on the computer doing all this type of actual work, but it must be done.

Dead CoyoteThe real bummer here in CT is that out Coyote season runs until April 30, yet, on state land, we can only use rimfire rifles, which are not what I would call useful for Coyote hunting.  We have a ton of these predators in the woods up here, and they need a serious thinning.  The CT DEEP, however, still limits us to rimfire or shotgun in the state forests, so the population just continues to grow, unimpeded by a proper conservation based hunting effort by the sportsmen of CT.  It is a real shame, as like I said, the population of Coyotes in Connecticut is literally off the charts, and unless one has 10 acres or more of land, or permission to hunt the same size or larger parcel, centerfire rifles are off the table.  The number of predation scenarios on the spring fawn population is growing each year, when combining the Coyotes, Black Bears and Bobcats (no season at all, not even lottery, for Black Bears or Bobcats either).  In a matter of just a few more years, I fear that the deer population in the northwest part of CT will be near decimated due to this (beyond the level it already is).

BLOCK ISLAND COD WINTER FISHING REGIONSoo, as I sit back and finish typing this out, the stark reality of a few months with no outlet envelopes my thought process.  The only thing keeping me sane is planning for the coming year of fishing & hunting here in southern New England, and maybe the occasional foray out to the Block Island Cod grounds on one of the head boats in Rhode Island.