Bipolar Gov’t Cheese; Soo Much To Not Get Done In 2014

Stubborn_Politics_DysfunctionGridlock; Stalemate; Dysfunction; Partisan; Liberal; Conservative; Self Absorbed; Statist; Elitist; The list goes on.  BOTH parties are the same and are as complicit in today’s governmental meltdown as they are corrupt.  2014 will be no different, and we shall watch ourselves be pushed farther into political purgatory, all without doing a damn thing about it.

Yeah, we will vote (or at least “we” should), we will post endless Facebook tyrades and memes showing our respective staunch political affiliation or leaning, but, in the end, as long as we remain an utterly divided and polarized nation, nothing, I repeat, nothing will change in 2014, 2016, 2018, or beyond.  We will all just go on, spouting off about one issue or the other, complaining, ranting, rather than taking along hard look at our nearly defunct political system in this country.  Yes, I still firmly believe that the United States of America is the greatest nation on earth.  I also believe, more than ever, that our politicians, whether they be Demtard or Repulsican, all want exactly the same thing; total control of the populous, totalitarian control of the economy, and, in the end, a statist nation dependent upon big money government for our daily needs.

Forget the wants, they will no longer matter, nor be realized, as once we get to the point where entitlements have grown to be not much larger than they are today, there is no turning back.  The 60+ year drive towards a collective Socialist nation will be irreversible, as the takers needs will outweigh and outspend the makers revenues (it already has, hence the drive for tax increases).  The money has to come from those who work, not the rich.  The “rich” could seriously take a 50% tax on their incomes & revenues, and still be incredibly rich.  It will not drive equality, it will drive further inequality.  It is basic math.

Anyhow, back to 2014.  This year we will have one of 2 things happen in Congress:

  1. The Socialist Democrat party will gain majority in the House of Representatives (eek)
  2. The Rethuglicans will gain majority in the Senate (OMFG)

Let’s take the ever so horrid thought of outcome #1 for a ride.  This would put Nancy Pelosi (progressive idiot) in control of the House, with that old waste of babbling liberal skin, Harry Reid, maintaining control of the Senate.  President Obama would likely come out of the closet and announce that Michelle is actually Michael (honestly, I could care less, as what he does in his personal life is his business), and we would be literally doomed as a free nation.  The progressive principles of New York City and California would be swept across soo many new laws that it would take a generation or 2 to even consider getting back to a true Constitutional Republic.   With the way things have been being championed over the past 5 years, we would have Sharia Law integrated into our society, all the truly rich would be taxed to the point where they would have to leave the country, the economy would finally implode under it’s own weight, and the Great Recession would look like a Caribbean vacation.  OK, so I lean more to the right than the left, yet, left to the progressive nature of the current Democrat party, this is actually not too far from potential reality.

OK, onto outcome #2.  I am a firm believer that this would be an unequivocal disaster, of epic proportions. The Republican party of today is soo completely fractured that these folks could not agree on what color the American Flag is, much less come to consensus on legislation or direction that this country sorely needs.  Granted, they could hold their impeachment votes, deride everything that Obummer has done in the past 5 years (more like what he hasn’t done), engage in a civil war amongst the Tea Party and “establishment” (R) party (oh yeah, they are already doing that, never mind), and soo many other “conservative principled” efforts, all while claiming to reduce the size of government and ensure the rich get richer, the middle class gets marginalized even more, and the poor stay right where they are.   Reality would be, they do nothing to reduce government, only cater to the rich (just like the Democrats) and continue the self serving that has become the cornerstone of our local and federal level congressional representatives.  Can you imagine the finger pointing by our President then?  What of the liberal bastion being MSNBC?  One of 2 things would happen.  They would either shut the hell up (not likely) and play ball, or they would kick and scream even louder than they have been (or as they were when that G.W. Bush was president.  Remember, it was OK to for them to bash him, because he was white).


The whole point here is that until We The People decide that we have had enough of the elite running the show and demonstrate a true desire for change, the dysfunction of our government will not abate.  The 2 party system has run its’ course in this country and it is well past time for a third (even fourth) party join the ranks.  I say the Libertarian movement needs to finally organize beyond Social Media, but, those who run on that platform need to truly represent the basic tenets of that party.  The challenge we have today with the likes of Rand Paul is that he is more of a Tea Party (a.k.a. 1980’s right wing) candidate than he is Libertarian.

We will more than likely continue this lack of political direction, reduction of American authority, and eventually, the debasement of the dollar until either the people of this nation wake up and make change (not demand, not vote, but actually wake up and invoke change).  It will take a true calamity of fiscally and socially epic proportions for our divided and polarized citizenry to every even consider coming together to solve a problem that we all share.  That being a bipolar government who is in sore need of long term psychiatric counseling and institutionalization.  Until we admit that we are broken and we need to change in order to help all of this great country, we will do nothing more than drive further into the abyss that has been soo clear for the past 14 years ….  Food for thought, nothing more.

This is the curse of hunting season being over, a blizzard on our doorstep, and the political circus we all wade through every day.