Back In The Woods, Finally

Well, after not fishing the salt or even dropping the boat this summer, archery deer hunting is finally open in CT.  Hit the woods yesterday to start the year off, in the stand a little later than I wanted, 6:30 AM, but it was a nice cool morning, but humid.  Sat it out through to around 11:00 AM, with no deer to be seen.  All good.  Saw a nice deep black squirrel:

…and dealt with chipmunks alerting for 2 hours of the morning, straight.  A couple of Ruffed Grouse were around for a couple of minutes as well.  Still, was very nice to be back in the woods with the Excalibur Matrix 330 in hand (dolled the implement up this past year as well with a sweet, clean Triggertech 2-Stage trigger, Hawke scope, and Leupold Vendetta laser rangefinder mounted to the rail, granted, the mount broke the day before I went out, but ordered a new aluminum mount, and it’s be back on shortly).

On The LookoutStand Sitting 2015








More to come for the 2015 deer hunting season up here in Northwest CT.