Assault Weapon Registration in the Socialist Republic of CT


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Well, the ever feared day of January 1, 2014 has come and gone, so, for those of you who did not register your so called “Assault Weapons” in CT, more power to you.

Yes, I turned in my forms, as I follow the law, whether I agree with it or not. Also have my Pistol & Revolver Carry Permit & FFL 03 C&R, so, I am already “on the books” with the CT DESPP and BATF. No need to risk felony charges and license/permit revocation over something like this. I am not a libtard, in any way, shape or form, and spent 100’s of hours protesting, writing letters, and speaking during forums regarding the idiocy of the, then, proposed law changes. I am also not a “liberal” Republican, as honestly, the Republican party is only marginally better. I believe in Libertarian principles and am a pure constitutionalist, true and throug

Bottom line, it sucks. I love reading all the garbage thrown at CT, as if everyone is a liberal hippy. We have had many Republican governors, due to was once a balance of views in this state. Those days I fear are gone. We are not a bunch of sheep, laying down for the government. Those of us whom are legal gun owners, and there are ALOT, are law abiding persons, not wanting our lives to be wrecked over a Class C felony, for simple illegal possession of an AR15. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is.h. I am a firearm enthusiast, hunter, fisherman, boater, and general outdoorsman, so, I obviously don’t fit in here, and never really have, but it did not used to be that way, even as short as 5 years ago. None of these new laws will make any difference on safety, but, it will get these progressive jack wagons voted back into office by the liberal masses that have invaded from NYC (especially in the southwest part of CT). Grave standing and tragedy exploitation is the mainstay of the Democrat party, and CT was the poster child for that in 2013. Let’s be honest, CT is a pin speck, no matter state in this country. The ilk of Blumenthal, his puppy Murphy and the illiterate Dannel Malloy know no end to their progressive ideology. One can only hope that we can manage to shift the balance, even if slightly, during the 2014 elections, albeit, I doubt that. I live in a town that votes Republican, yet, both of our state legislators are moderate conservatives, at best, and one is more of a true RINO.

Like has been said, many folks did not register their “Assault Weapons”. I can only hope they were not purchased in CT over the last 15+ years, as the state already has the record of that purchase (how do you think they tracked the guns used at Sandy Hook so quickly?). Bottom line, is they already know one purchased a gun, what type, when and where, if it was retail and legal. It will be interesting to see if the CT DESPP is directed to track down all the firearms that went unregistered. Time will tell. Doubt it will happen in 2014, election year and all, Dems don’t want to ruffle feathers when it does not suit their needs or re-election goals (no different that Republican politicians either).

In the end, while I have lived in this state for far too many years (since 1976), my career is located here, and I have many friends who share the same views as I, we are outnumbered, exponentially, by the Socialist driven liberal contingent. I have a few more years until my youngest is out of high school and I will be in a position to finally abandon New England. When that time comes, we will exit this God forsaken liberal bastion and head for greener pastures southward (NC, GA, TN, maybe even my birth state of LA, or my family’s home state of TX).