Almost To The End Of The Year


As the 2013 year draws to a close, I can’t help but be grateful for the life and ability that I have been granted thus far.  I have a fully supportive wife and family, which is rare for many these days (who, by the way, didn’t make a single peep during the entire hunting season about me being gone every Saturday and many other days, dark to dark).  The woodlands in the Northwest CT area have soo much to offer and soo much to to teach me, every time I am out there.

The time I spent on the water this year, out on Block Island Sound and neighboring waterways was as good as I could expect, often having my wife and children with me.  Running the boat and fishing hard are a part of every season that I enjoy the most.  That is, until I began hunting again, now I am torn.  Guess I will simply cherish them both as opportunities that not every person has.

As I look forward into 2014, who knows what that will bring.  I plan on fishing harder, venturing out for shark and tuna more frequently this coming year, not to mention beginning my scouting for the 2014 deer season in mid-June, so that I am all setup when bow season arrives in the fall.

There is soo much for me to continue learning when it comes to both fishing & hunting, I can only imagine at this point, beginning the dreaded winter season in New England.  I plan on hiking and snow-shoeing this winter, up on the mountain behind my house, along with possibly getting out to target some Coyotes during the winter months (need to thin out the predators, and the Coyote is the only one we can target in CT).

The adventure never ends if one keeps active and keeps an open mind.