Partisan Polarization; The Method Of Societal Division

As I continue, day in, day out, to follow the political ramblings and idiocy that are our local and federal legislatures, not to mention the obsessively progressive drive of utterly contemptuous executive branch, I am left wondering when (or if) … Continue reading

Risk Assessment & Safety Should Be Priority One For Outdoorsmen

In the span of one week here in southern New England, we lost 3 lives to the dangers of maritime duck hunting in frigid air and water temps.  One of the lost souls was a mere 21 years old and … Continue reading

Legal Open Carry – Jack Boot Thug Police This is the stuff that makes me truly sick. Open Carry is FULLY LEGAL in Michigan, yet, these commando cops feel the need to play swarm and bully, forcing the law abiding citizen to the ground at gunpoint, detaining … Continue reading

Bipolar Gov’t Cheese; Soo Much To Not Get Done In 2014

Gridlock; Stalemate; Dysfunction; Partisan; Liberal; Conservative; Self Absorbed; Statist; Elitist; The list goes on.  BOTH parties are the same and are as complicit in today’s governmental meltdown as they are corrupt.  2014 will be no different, and we shall watch … Continue reading