Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Recommendation – Typical Garbage

Well, here we are again, with the super liberal Sandy Hook Advisory Commission suggesting a batch of redundant recommendations to the biggest gubernatorial failure in the nations history, combined with a number of severe rights infringements against the law abiding … Continue reading

Partisan Polarization; The Method Of Societal Division

As I continue, day in, day out, to follow the political ramblings and idiocy that are our local and federal legislatures, not to mention the obsessively progressive drive of utterly contemptuous executive branch, I am left wondering when (or if) … Continue reading

Risk Assessment & Safety Should Be Priority One For Outdoorsmen

In the span of one week here in southern New England, we lost 3 lives to the dangers of maritime duck hunting in frigid air and water temps.  One of the lost souls was a mere 21 years old and … Continue reading